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“I believe that gymnastics provides the quintessential movement class for children and teens.”
- Cherie Hope
In 1993, Cherie Hope, owner of Silver Stars Gymnastics, was looking for a gymnastics program for her daughter that focused on the total well-being of children, not just training for competition. Unfortunately, most gymnastic facilities at that time focused only on the select few children who would rise to the competitive sport level.

She heard coaches say to parents, “your child is too tall” or “your child needs to spend 25 hours a week to be a successful gymnast.” This was humiliating to the child, and deprived them of a natural and fun outlet for development. She decided then and there to open her own facility that would invite ALL children to participate in the fun of gymnastics and Silver Stars was born. Cherie's message to parents was, “YOUR child is a star!” Needless to say, parents flocked to her new gym. In 1995, Cherie moved to the location that we all know as Silver Stars. Children from all over the metropolitan area now come to Silver Stars to feel like a star.

In the fall of 2008, Silver Stars opened a new location in Bowie, Maryland. And Cherie’s message remains the same. “Gymnastics builds total body strength, awareness, and flexibility. 

At a time when Physical Education programs in school are disappearing, gymnastics offers a fun activity that
gets young children interested in moving. When kids are confident with physical activity, it becomes appealing and an antidote to hours of screen time.”
“Lead the body, and the mind will follow.”
- Michel Foucalt

Silver Stars, Silver Spring hosts three competitive teams. True to Cherie’s philosophy, the team program focuses on the child’s individual goal. Our Tumble and Trampoline team boasts many National Champions and our USAG team boasts many State Champions. In 1995, Cherie started The Mason Dixon League. This program gives gymnasts who love the sport, but want to have fewer hours at practice a chance to compete in a league. The league grew quickly from 5 local gyms to 25 gyms throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

We count on the love and loyalty of our parents and children community. And we are simply delighted that so many of you agree with our basic philosophy. Welcome.