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statement regarding former employee

Dear Silver Stars parents,

Local authorities notified us that they have arrested a man on multiple accounts of sexual abuse. This man worked for multiple gymnastics businesses in our area, including a brief time with us that ended in 2010. One of the charges of abuse allegedly took place at one of our facilities at an unspecified time during or before 2007. We further learned that another count of abuse also happened between the man and the alleged victim at another gym in our area years later while he was employed there. We are shocked and appalled by the allegations and are fully cooperating in the investigation.

This news is extremely hard for us to process because we take every measure possible to ensure the safety of our gymnasts by running state and federal background checks on all employees. We also provide thorough training to all staff in all personal conduct matters with our gymnasts and have a detailed security camera system in place. Having proudly served thousands of local families in our 28 years in business, this one alleged incident that happened in isolation could stand to challenge all the hard work and dedication we have put in to serve our community.

While we never had a formal complaint by a family against the man who was charged, we did terminate his employment in 2010 due to performance and culture issues that became clear to us. We were surprised that he gained employment at other gyms and managed to stay in the industry despite some questionable behavior that has been documented in the years since we terminated his employment.

The authorities have told us that we are completely blameless in this incident and we support their decision to publicize the arrest and charges to help encourage any other victims to come forward. Sexual abuse has been a persistent black eye for the gymnastics industry at every level and we are committed to making sure it does not happen at Silver Stars by taking every measure necessary to ensure the safety of our gymnasts.

We appreciate the continued support of our families and remain committed to delivering you best in class programs and experiences for your gymnasts.


Cherie Hope (owner)

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