About Us: Philosophy and Mission

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Our Mission

Is to create a fun environment while developing coordination, strength, flexibility and self-esteem.
Our Vision
That all children are “Stars.”
That Gymnastics should be fun.
That movement, exercise and activity
   build smarter, healthier children that
   succeed in other parts of their lives.
That movement, exercise and activity
   are natural antidotes to modern
   health problems.
Our Philosophy
Developing in children the “I can do it
   attitude” to build confidence.
Teaching the children safety skills
   both inside and outside the gym.
Teaching the children to have fun by
   providing a safe and fun learning
Teaching children strong listening
   and turn taking skills.
Teach the children that positive
   behavior results in praise.
Our Coaching Formula
Safety first
Training and Knowledge
Lesson Plans
Perpetual Motion
Energy Level
Teamwork and Respect