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Silver Spring
Winter 2014~Jan. 27-March 29, 2014

Sparkling Stars
Sparkling Stars
Gail Troussoff Marks, program director and Debbie Stroupe, teacher, offer classes designed for children with a variety of special needs. Smaller classes are scheduled to enable children who do not thrive in our typical class program to have a full gymnastics class experience and allow coaches a more hands-on teaching environment. Sparkling Stars teaches lasting skills that help children reach their potential, triumph over challenges, work with others and achieve individual success. Sparkling Stars Classes are taught along with other classes and competitive team practices in a very busy gym. We offer 3 types of Sparkling Classes; Small Group instruction, Family Class and Private Instruction. Registration is by invitation. An interview is required for all class placements and will determine whether group or individual classes are most appropriate.
Small Group Instruction: 3-5 students similarly grouped by age and/or disability. Classes are taught by our Special Needs Instructors. Register for the session with invitation code.