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Tumbling & Trampoline - ages 6-9, co-ed
Tumbling - 6-9 year olds Co-ed
Class Description:
Silver Stars Gymnastics provides a program designed to promote age appropriate skill development in the fun and safe environment of our Olympic style gym. Your child will be able to build an athletic foundation for all sports through the strength, flexibility and coordination that only the challenge of gymnastics can offer. As your child progresses, we seek to develop such principles as: goal setting, time management, sportsmanship, dedication and discipline. All of these aspects of learning contribute to a positive self-image and personal success.
Silver Stars Gymnastics utilizes the newest and most imaginative gymnastics equipment to introduce technical gymnastics training. Spotting and safety mats are used to introduce new skills. Beyond gymnastics, children practice how to stay in line, take turns, and follow instructions from the coach. Prices based on one class per week.
Tumbling - 7-9 year olds Co-ed
Tumbling and Trampoline classes teach boys and girls the skills for forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs and flipping. After warm-up the students will spend time on trampoline, double mini, tumble trak, floor and rope. Children safely learn to jump, tuck, twist and flip using our assorted trampolines. The coaches may introduce other pieces of equipment into the class such as bars, climbing net and beam to continue building strength, coordination, flexibility and technique. This co-ed class is grouped by age and is good for the beginner and intermediate athlete.